Urban development: Alison Adams

It’s natural to think about the future at the start of the new year. For Urban Development, the newest team here at ChristchurchNZ, future focus is part of the everyday.

Alison Adams, ChristchurchNZ CEO

There is tremendous value in intentional urban planning and place-making. With a wide, long-term lens, we can influence outcomes that will work best for our city and its residents, in partnership with private and not-for-profit sectors. We can support the development of great neighbourhoods, and people-focused, mixed use districts, supporting the local economy.

The team is facilitating fantastic projects in our city, working with council, government organisations, developers, investors and local communities to create opportunities for residents, businesses and visitors alike. One of these projects is the old Citycare site on Milton Street, Sydenham, where site preparation works are underway, enabling construction of a new research facility and upgrades to water and electricity infrastructure.

Part of the site will be developed into a sustainable residential project, near Sydenham Park. This will result in a well-designed neighbourhood close to jobs, services, recreation and pedestrian, cycling and public transport options.
The value won’t stop at the site boundary, also creating communities and connections to both park and city, with the research facility providing good employment opportunities.

With time, patience and capital, thoughtful urban development will support the city’s sustainable urban growth and economic development goals.

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