Tyre safety comes first: Tyres 2 Go

With summer road trips just around the corner, it’s imperative to check the health of tyres. Here are some tips, from Tyres 2 Go, to ensure yours are safe and road trip ready.

  1. Check for wear and tear
    As time goes by, your tyres become increasingly prone to wear and tear. Check your tyres for cracks, cuts or any visual signs of damage. Seeing this early could save you from future major problems. Also, any small stones or sharp objects in the rubber could lead to a puncture so be aware.
  2. Check tyre pressure
    Ensure your tyres all have the required air pressure. Tyres which are under inflated can increase fuel consumption and wear out faster, resulting in less responsive handling which can be dangerous.
  3. Check tread depth
    Make sure your tyres have the required legal 1.5mm tread depth. Tread which is any lower than this results in bad handling and less grip.
  4. Wheel alignment
    Get your wheel alignment checked. Cars which have their wheels out of alignment will cause uneven wear on the tyres as well as vibration. The engine will also have to work harder to keep the car in a straight line resulting in higher fuel consumption.


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