Treat your home

Making a house a home often comes down to the little things.

From minimalist to eclectic, the look you choose should be a reflection of you, your character, and of those living in the home. Individual rooms, for instance, such as an office or a child’s bedroom, can reflect their occupier. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a home. Filling your house with personal mementos and one-off pieces collected over time will make it unique.

Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Start with a clean-out. Get rid of any unnecessary clutter.
  • Add a few indoor plants. Choosing which plants and pots can be fun.
  • Fresh flowers will brighten any room.
  • Create spaces for individuals, for instance, a cosy reading corner.
  • Invest in some new cushions and throws, towels for the bathrooms, and new duvet covers.
  • Fill your home with personal mementos—your favourite books, items from your travels, treasures from grandparents.
  • Add a few rugs to anchor spaces.
  • Hang pictures of friends and family, and favourite artworks.
  • Create interesting groupings of photos and ornaments.

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