Towel treats

Trade itchy and irritable for gentle and luxurious.

Those moments spent wrapped up in a lush, warm hotel towel don’t just feel great because you’re on holiday. It is because hotel-use towels are made with a higher fibre count, so they absorb water far quicker and are soft on the skin.

A quality bath towel is an investment in the entire experience. Feel and function are essential. The softness, absorbency, and durability are key factors to consider.

Fluffy, cosy, soft. Those are the feelings you want when you hop out of the shower or bath. Look for products made with hypoallergenic and natural materials. High-quality towels offer that ‘salon pamper’ each time.

Materials like Egyptian or Turkish cottons have absorbent fibres for faster, more thorough drying. Synthetics often impact absorbency and drying ability, so stick to cotton or bamboo options.

Quality and durability run parallel with towels. A higher cost initially will mean minimal, if any, replacement costs.

Lastly, ensure the towels you buy are big enough to wrap in. For different shapes and sizes, standard towels are often too small. A comfortable wrap-around towel is important when shopping around.

Aside from the obvious upgrades to the intangible experience, a lush towel also comes with tangible benefits. Styling a plush towel can level up your bathroom, especially when you take colour and design into consideration.

Work with the aesthetic of the space or use them for juxtaposition. In a moody, dark bathroom, go for shades of grey or black. If you have a bathroom that embraces biophilic style, think deep greens and browns. Consider if your family’s lifestyle and outdoor activities warrant a classic white, for that consistent hotel feel. To inject some vibrancy, bright-coloured towels are a great choice.

Simple design additions to a towel can upscale its aesthetic appeal. For example, pinstripe, patterned, or monogrammed towels add to that feel of luxury.

Easy ways to maintain towel quality
• Wash before using new towels.
• Avoid over-drying towels, instead air dry them outside or on a low heat tumble dry.
• Steer clear of fabric softeners, which can negatively impact absorbency.

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