Torque Talk: Invest in a classic

I’m not terribly keen on bank term deposits.

Unless you put in millions, the interest you earn each year is miniscule at best. Basically, as far as investments go, there are better options out there. Such as cars, for instance.
After property, investing in collectable motoring is probably the best choice you could make. While not every car on our roads would qualify as something that will make you money in the future, there are plenty out there that will.

To give an example, you need only look at certain Japanese toys from the nineties and noughties.
Cars such as the Mazda RX7 FD, Toyota Supra A80 and Mitsubishi Lancer EVO6 could all be bought for a pittance 15 years or so ago. Now, some of these are commanding close to $100k or more.
It’s not just the Japanese vehicles either. Certain German, Italian and American classics are on a fast track to being worth double what they were a decade ago.

Do yourself a favour. Get off the phone with your bank manager, and instead check out what automotive icons are up for grabs. Remember, you can’t drive a term deposit can you?

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