Torque Talk: Grand Auto Thefts

A few weeks back, as I had a new car on test, I suggested to my wife that she take my car to work.

It had been parked on the street overnight, something which we had done many times with no issue. Anyway, once she arrived at her place of work with the sun slowly rising in the east, I received the phone call…
“Our number plates have been stolen!”

After we reported the theft to the constabulary, I had to make haste to grab new plates from VTNZ, and let the insurance company know.

While this was a considerable annoyance to say the least, the sad reality is that this is nothing new in Christchurch.

Car crime is on the rise here, and it is not just number plates being nicked either. Cars are either being stolen, trashed or just plain vandalised with a sickening regularity.

Throw in yet another weekly “ram raid” and you’re left with law-abiding motorists having to think
twice or three times about where to leave their car, whether it be on a night out or at home.
The powers that be should take note. People on the whole are getting pretty tired of this.

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