Torque Talk – A smooth hand

Do you remember the last time you were a tad car sick?

I do. It was last month, and I was being driven up Wairakei Road. The driver in question, who will remain nameless, wouldn’t cease from heavy unnecessary braking, excessive sharp acceleration and repeatedly going on and off the throttle, for what seemed like forever.

While I don’t usually get queasy or feel light headed in anything motoring related, this was definitely one of those times, all because the driver was not taking care to drive smoothly. Smooth driving is not only the best way to drive for the sake of your car, but certainly also for the sake of your passengers.

You want those in the car with you to feel like they aren’t moving at all. Every application of throttle, brakes and steering has to be fed in gently and in one delicate movement. A good way to practise is to place a cup of water
in your car’s cupholder and see if you can complete the journey without
spilling any.

Basically, read the road and react in the smoothest and safest way possible, or your passengers may arrive feeling a little light-headed.

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