Time to Savour Summer

A recent Christchurch celebrity concert started like this: ‘I’d heard from everyone who’s been here that New Zealanders were friendly, well-fed people’.


Savour Summer


You have to admit it: true on both counts. Aotearoa’s a hearty food-bowl; a generous wine-cellar; a well-stocked craft-beer fridge. With the season of frivolity and joyousness upon us, along with all the related foodie-drinkie occasions, a little fasting betwixt events won’t threaten life.  You read that right. FASTING. It sounds like deprivation 101. But really, those who do this say intermittent fasting is a form of freedom. There’s a lightness of being. There’s belt-easing. Also, there’s more time to plan some fabulous party fare over a peppermint tea.

Here’s a hypothesis: Could we be less inclined to over-consume when we’ve cut quantities, and when our morsels are packed to the gunnels with flavour and texture?  Maybe that’s what our chefs are trying to teach us. Why? Because the days of all-you-can-eat are (hopefully) falling well behind us in our cultural culinary journey.

The global trend seems to be ever more toward shared, flavoursome tasting plates. It’s easy, if you feel starved, to want your own meal. For dining out, tapas and the like are on the rise, making us experience and dare more, without having to fully commit. When you’ve been almost-fasting, even small, tad-portions with delectable, sensual flavour punches will satisfy. Bon appetit!