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A home away from home, a bach is a serene space, one that hosts your most relaxed self.

Baches come in many architectural styles, from quaint, cosy, and classic, to contemporary, modular, and open plan. Comfort is a prime consideration if building or renovating, followed closely by functionality, both inside and out.

You’ll want to invest in comfortable beds and some lounging furniture for those spots that catch the sun, but don’t neglect the rest. Small trinkets and bigger additions that tempt you away from your natural style, there’s plenty of space to mix it up.

Ligar Bay bach, designed by Young Architects (Greg Young). Photography by Jason Mann.

The way you style your bach will play a big part in your holiday’s vibe. Natural textures and colours are a great way to make your space homely for a holiday. Sage greens, sky blues, and sandy tones create a cohesive atmosphere, capturing the essence of a summer getaway. Add in some beachy décor if that’s the environment you’re in. Choose soft interior linens and rattan furniture but keep it classy with crystal glassware. Simplicity is important, but those shiny, glistening glasses are an exception.

Blending your indoor and outdoor environment is effortless, and natural elements make great table decorations. Some fresh or dried flowers bring natural aromas, while large potted plants add greenery. A bach needs to be timeless. Avoid trends or passing fads, your styling needs to hold longevity so that it’s a space you love for years, especially if you only visit a few times each season.

That said, a bach is a place to experiment in ways you wouldn’t at home. Make sure you create a space that truly feels like you’re on holiday from your everyday home. Think patterns or prints that reflect the environment you’re in, beachy and natural.

Ligar Bay bach, designed by Young Architects (Greg Young). Photography by Jason Mann.

Wallpapers are a classy way to tie in prints or patterns. To make a space livelier, add a few pops of colour in each room. A few select pieces of grandparent memorabilia will bridge old memories and new, and give your space a warm, familiar feel. Then, balance it all out with a neutral lounge suite, and organic coffee table.


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