The wool family

While most wool types have the thanked-for heat-retention, durability, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergenic qualities, each one complements a different aesthetic.

To bundle up warm in ice-cold temperatures, we want to wear something fluffy that covers every inch of skin, such as a brushed mohair cardigan. Yet, on a brisk day when you just want to keep the chill off, a superfine merino tucked into jeans with a belt works well. For a timelessly elegant look, a tweed jacket or cable knit are a great choice. With so many different types of wool and ways to wear them, it pays to know their characteristics.

Cashmere, made from cashmere goats, is perhaps the ultimate luxe-look in wool. Lightweight, delicate, and around six times finer than human hair, it is extremely silky and soft.
Merino, from the sheep breed, is ultra-soft and extremely durable, making it a wonderful pick for undergarments and extreme activewear.
Mohair is a yarn crafted from Angora goat hair. With a ‘frizzy’ look, this soft, resilient, and dye-taking wool looks great in a cardigan or knit jersey.
Tweed is a much rougher wool, usually woven with a certain structure, such as herringbone. It is most popular in jackets, hats, and winter clothing for its thick, weather-resistant properties.
Crepe is a loosely woven silk or wool textile from twisted yarns, creating a wrinkled or pebbled texture. It becomes an ideal dress or top, for having the qualities of wool without looking like it.

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