The waves of wellness

Every year we see wellness trends come and go. Let’s take a look back at some of the all-time greats of the last decade and see what has stuck the course.

Gut health
When research emerged that gut microbiota play a fundamental role in our health, it became a huge focus in the wellness industry. In 2017, the fermented drink Kombucha sky-rocketed into popularity. Other fermented products including kefir, kimchi, and miso also gained popularity as gut healing additions to our diet. The science states these gut-friendly products can positively influence everything from skin to weight, mood, and energy. Because of this, it looks like the focus on gut health is here to stay.

Products such as face masks, bubble baths, and scented candles swiftly migrated into the wellness industry, gaining real traction in 2010. The idea that taking care of your body and mind is not a luxury, but rather a necessity has taken hold in the ‘hustle culture’ era. This change in attitude to self-care has been a success in the wellness market, with more brands jumping on board each year. For that reason, it looks like the self-care movement isn’t going anywhere.

Hail kale
Bon Appetite named 2012 ‘The Year of Kale’ and since then, Kale’s popularity hailed a new world where health foods became cool and trendy. Cauliflower can now be found in pizza bases, turmeric in lattes, and avocados in desserts. From ancient grains like quinoa to acai berries, consumers have pushed nutrient-dense foods into the mainstream and onto menus and food product labels. While they come in waves of popularity, these trends don’t stick around long. Swiftly along to the next most glamourous superfood we go.

Skinny teas
A trend popularised by social media and celebrity endorsements around 2015, skinny teas became the answer for a quick weight loss fix. A mix of natural ingredients, most dangerously contain the herbal laxative, Senna. Of course, short-term ‘weight loss’ was common, but not healthy long-term. In 2020, after a sharp drop in popularity, Instagram announced that it would be restricting posts promoting diet teas. No doubt some new version of skinny tea will be back, but for now, it looks like this trend is out.

Mental health
Mental health awareness has increased over the last few years, with more initiatives starting each year that encourage taking care of mental health. The stigma about needing help is decreasing, and more and more people are willing to talk about their struggles. There’s been a rise in mindfulness and meditation apps, and we have more celebrities being transparent about their mental health struggles. So mental health awareness in the wellness space looks like it is thankfully, sticking around.

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