The power of H2O

The bountiful benefits of water are no secret. Here are some of our top tips to maximise water for your health this summer season.

Carry a suitable sized drink bottle wherever you go to stave off dehydration. With a wide range of water bottles on the market, you are bound to find one that suits you.

For an extra boost, and to minimise the number of times you’ll need to urinate, add electrolyte sachets to your water. These are especially useful after drinking alcohol, or when doing             long haul travel.

All the rage is the cold plunge, which is believed to reduce inflammation, offer a rush of endorphins, regulate hormones, and help remedy aches and pains. Many people are DIYing chest freezers into plunge baths to get all the benefits of cold plunge, and hopping into that chilly water early in the morning.

An alternative to sporting a bulky box in your garden would be to simply make it a habit to have an occasional cold shower, to lap up some of the benefits.

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