The Oreo effect

As Coco Chanel said, sometimes the beauty of colour is the absence of it.

Well known in a work wardrobe, and easily teamed with luxe accessories for a glam night out, the ways to wear black and white are continual. In patterned shirting and dresses or arranged on top of one another for a bold effect, your choice can be as eccentric as you like. Plus, you can wear these classic hues without breaking Anna Wintour’s number one rule: never wear just black.

There’s a reason that you will see these two shades married together season after season. They just work, and they always have. There lies a synergy between them, complementing each other instead of competing.

Easily add a pop of colour through an exciting lipstick or shoe, although often the striking effect black and white produce is more than enough.

Stripe Edifice dress Find Me: taylor.
Medium Croissant nappa leather black bag Find Me: Lemaire.
Wrap shirt Find Me: Low Classic.
Extend ivory tee Find Me: Moochi.
Lalai textured satin skirt Find Me: Acne Studios.
Kiah shirt Find Me: Camilla and Marc.
Bonaparte black sunglasses Find Me: Ahlem.

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