The luxury of sheepskin: Bowron Sheepskins

In 1879, two brothers, George and William Bowron, opened the Bowron Brothers Tannery. The pair were master tanners in Yorkshire, England, and had recently settled in New Zealand.

Today, Bowron Sheepskins hand craft premium-grade sheepskin products. Their team of 50 focus on the New Zealand market and take pride in delivering unmatched excellence in their products, which will help transfer any space into a statement of style.

They specialise in creating beautiful babycare products, lambskin rugs and cosy bean bags. Created using wool sourced from free-range New Zealand farms as a byproduct of the meat industry, most sheepskins are then tanned and dyed here in Christchurch.

The benefits of sheepskin include its incredible comfort, temperature regulation abilities, and resistance to wear and tear. The babycare sheepskins are also naturally hypoallergenic and stay free of dust mites, perfect for little ones with sensitive skin or allergies.

Bowron’s factory is a warm and welcoming environment that showcases their hand-crafted, luxurious floor rugs, babycare lambskins, the popular sheepskins and beanbags, and factory seconds and samples. Swing by 2-12 Long Street, Christchurch, for a chance to explore the range at a competitive price or browse their website.

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