The Iron Age is over: Propress Steamers

Remove creases and wrinkles in an instant.

Steam is in, or more particularly a revolutionary tried and true garment steamer that takes away the hassle of ironing.
Even on the most delicate fabrics, the Propress MINI clothing steamer smooths creases, restores shape and removes odours to keep garments looking fresh at all times. It’s also tough on germs and easy to maintain.
Christchurch-based New Zealand distributor, Bruce Moore says that for more than 40 years Propress steamers have been the first choice for fashion designers, fabric care companies, and top High Street fashion stores.
“The robust yet lightweight design, combined with outstanding performance and power is what makes Propress the steamer people aspire to, and now it’s available in a sleek portable handheld option, using either a standard slimline tank or the unique Big Belly tank for larger jobs,” he says.
“There’s no need for an ironing board, steam straight on the hanger. The Mini clothes steamer is ready to use in just
45 seconds.”
Bruce explains that the steamer’s effectiveness comes from its coated sole plate, which when heated gives it twice the performance, dispersing the steam effectively, relaxing fabric, and quickly confirming creases and pleats. The sole plate can also be used as a dry iron.
“It removes odours by killing 99.9% of bacteria that create musty smells on fabrics, while still being extremely gentle, and is so compact, it’s a great travelling essential.
Other advantages, Bruce says, include a button for controlled steam on demand, or double press for continuous steam delivery without holding the button down.
“This makes it ideal for use on larger garments, especially attaching the Big Belly tank to extend the steaming time. The Big Belly is designed to simply clip on to your Propress MINI instead of the standard slimline water tank. This increases steaming time from 7 to 13 minutes, making it a versatile choice even for more demanding steaming tasks.
The MINI handheld steamer from Propress is a quick, easy, natural and efficient way to care for fabrics and furnishings.
For more information call Bruce on 0274 341 433 or email

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