The Influencers: Lianne Dalziel

Enriching our lives

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel

This year’s anniversary of the terrorist attack of 15 March 2019 leads us to the words Love, Peace & Unity – Aroha, Rangimārie and Kotahitanga.

Rather than hold a remembrance service, the local Muslim community wanted to focus on these themes through Islam Awareness Week leading up to, and Unity Week leading from, 15 March. They are values that enrich and bring meaning to our lives.

When Christchurch City Council placed a message on Facebook to explain this,
one of the replies we received said:

“I’m happy that the bereaved families have made their voices heard and been listened to. I don’t yet have the words apart from saying I am here and I stand
with you.”

They are powerful words. “I am here”, says I am present, I empathise with you, I recognise your humanity and I love you as a brother or a sister.

And “I stand with you”, says I support you, I will walk alongside you and I will defend you; I have got your back.

Remembering that time for peace, love, and unity, helps us all to remember what is important in life, even when we are confronted with the very worst of man’s inhumanity to man.

I am here and I stand with you. We are here and we stand together – Ko Tātou Tātou – we are one.

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