The community caterer: Flips Catering

Maree Carruthers describes herself as a passionate foodie whose love of cooking came from the strong women in her life.

“I cook to create happiness. Both my grandmothers were great cooks and inspirational women. The daisy logo is in their honour. One grandmother was called Daisy and the other loved them.”

It was in 2018 that Maree hit the road with her food caravan (Flips Pancakes), visiting fetes, A&P shows, galas and private events. The camaraderie, support and advice from fellow mobile food operators was invaluable and taught Maree much about working within the food industry.

With the last of her children recently vacating the nest, Maree was eager to make her next move into something she’d had in mind for some time – catering.

“Flips Catering was born from the fact that Selwyn district needs something like this, and that I’m a firm believer in giving back to the community. I want people to have access to really good food!”

With Maree’s kitchen at home now approved for commercial operations, she is ready for booking birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events and whatever else is requested.

She is excited to be also offering meal care packs – a practical alternative to sending flowers when acknowledging a birth, recovering from illness, a bereavement or helping out an elderly person.

“My point of difference is that I will provide the food clients want – if it’s scones like their Granny made, or a favourite family recipe – share that with me and together we’ll make it happen.”

Maree says that the four key components to her catering business are that her food is delicious, provides the wow factor, evokes memories and creates happiness.

“If I get those things right, then I think I will have contributed in some small way to giving back.”

Contact Flips Catering at: or call them on
027 327 7289.

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