The breath of life: The Lung Mechanic

It is no surprise that breathing is central to the core of our existence.

What may be surprising to some is that breathing well is fundamental to us operating efficiently.

Catherine George has spent her entire professional career as a physiotherapist helping people to optimise their breathing to ensure improved health and wellbeing.

What started as a role providing acute care for people in high dependency situations has evolved into a dedicated practice where she shares her expertise to achieve phenomenal benefits across a wide range of debilitating health issues. Asthma, anxiety, breathlessness, stress, sleep disorders, stomach upsets, coughs, long-Covid and other ailments can all be positively addressed with better breathing techniques.

Catherine says, “It’s ridiculously simple. Misunderstanding the relationship between stress response and strain leads to burnout. Retraining your breathing pattern can improve and relieve so many symptoms of distress.”

Catherine works alongside children through to adults of all ages, helping them to perform better across many aspects by improving their breathing technique.

“There is so much research that supports the idea that being able to breathe well throughout the day enables you to do everything better. Singing and exercising are easier and asthma, anxiety and so many other conditions are relieved when you breathe well.”

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