The breath of life: The Lung Mechanic

Relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness help us intermittently calm and destress. What is overlooked is how we breathe in between.

Achieving good baseline breathing allows us to be in a more productive state and provides a greater buffer before feeling distressed, anxious or breathless. Breathing to calm is important but breathing well all the time is a superpower.

Catherine George of The Lung Mechanic says that retraining breathing patterns can improve and relieve so many symptoms of distress.

“There is so much research that supports the idea that being able to breathe well throughout the day enables you to do everything better.”

Catherine has spent her entire professional career as a physiotherapist helping people to optimise their breathing to ensure improved health and wellbeing.
“When you breathe well, pursuits such as singing and exercising are easier, and conditions such as asthma and anxiety are better controlled.”

Catherine’s expertise has brought phenomenal benefits to those suffering from other debilitating health issues, such as breathlessness, stress, sleep disorders, stomach upsets, coughs and long-Covid, to name but a few.

From children to adults, Catherine works alongside clients to improve their breathing technique so that activities integral to their daily lives are not only performed better but their health and wellbeing are also enhanced.

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