Terrific turquoise

Colour is a magnificent way to add what can only be described as ‘pizazz’ to a look, and when done right, makes every outfit incredibly elegant.

Turquoise has never faded in fashion colour wheels, its vibrant energy and the feeling of those blue-green hues remain captivating. To a neutral wardrobe and accessories, add accents of turquoise, or consider experimenting by styling one turquoise piece with other shades of blue. Finish with white or cream accessories to avoid busying the colour scheme. Never forget, colour doesn’t need to be front and centre. A turquoise bag or pair of earrings can provide a pretty pop.

Browse Metropol’s ideas for inspiration.

Details: Samma vintage cream ankle boot Find Me: Mi Piaci
Details: Lite Claas glossy gold jelly purple sunglasses Find Me: MYKITA
Details: Juliet Alabaster bag Find Me: Saben
Details: Andie satin backless top Find Me: RUBY
Details: Flower Of Life Love Me Or Sleeve Me aqua top Find Me: COOP
Details: Byra Hood blue mist earrings Find Me: Elk
Details: Dianne Slip teal dress Find Me: Wynn Hamlyn
Details: Card holder in nougat croc Find Me: Deadly Ponies

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