Terrific Tesla: Eyrewell Forest Motor Company

Have you ever had the experience of launch control in a Tesla Model S? Ben Selby reports.

Thanks to Andrew Farrow of Eyrewell Forest Motor Company, I was able to experience the equivalent of interstellar warp drive on tarmac. The Tesla Model S was the first mainstream offering from Elon Musk. The twin electric motor 680hp Model S P85D not only sounds like a fighter jet, but goes like one too.

To initiate launch control, come to a complete stop and select Insane+ mode. Foot on brake hard with your left foot and apply pressure from your right foot on the throttle. Once you get the message that everything is ready, release the brake.

The end result is zero to 100km/h in three seconds and every ounce of the squishy organic mass which is your body is left soaked with adrenaline. Its perfect weight distribution means it can corner like a blowfly too.

Neck snapping acceleration aside, the Model S also proves Musk has a sense of humour. You can turn the minimalist cabin into a lounge with fireplace via the large infotainment screen and even turn your passengers leather clad seats into built in whoopee cushions, making it the perfect trick to play on distant relatives.

For a sub $70,000 car, it’s hard not be impressed with this Tesla Model S P85D.


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