Creating culturally inclusive architecture: WSP Architecture

As Architects we have a unique opportunity to imagine an architectural tapestry weaving together thousands of threads required, to create a built environment that reinforces rich memories, stories and values while also creating spaces to embrace our dynamic multicultural community relationships particularly reflective of our Te Tiriti o Waitangi partnership.     The rebuild of […]

Good things take time: WSP Architecture

The process of conceiving a civic project of importance can span not just months, but years and even decades.   I’ve been lucky in my career to be involved in several pieces of public architecture, but none more interesting than the recently opened Heritage Centre on Rakiura Stewart Island. Born out of necessity to provide […]

Enhancing lives through design: WSP Architecture

At the start of any project, architects and designers must consider an important question; ‘How will the buildings and spaces we design affect people we may ourselves never meet?’ At its most basic level, architecture exists to create the physical spaces in which people live, learn and work. But architecture is more than simply the […]

The architecture of transportation hubs: WSP Architecture

It’s never been so important to attract and entertain visitors in our New Zealand towns and cities. A common problem faced by visitors and locals alike is access to transportation infrastructure. Nationwide, councils are now looking to explore infrastructure developments designed to transform town centres, eliminating congestion issues, improving accessibility, providing new public amenity spaces […]

Embracing Design Practice

From small scale pavilion installations to large multi-unit developments, digital design technologies are radically shaping new avenues of design in architecture.     Imagine being able to seamlessly collaborate between designers, clients, iwis, artists, consultants, and the council; produce designs without having to ‘draw’ a single line; undertake multiple design explorations in a fraction of […]