Gut Feelings: The Gut Foundation

In the inner sanctum of our colon exists a wonderfully complicated eco system, which is is a large community of living organisms, known as our microbiome. The Gut Foundation’s General Manager Margaret Fitzgerald tells us about the relationship between the gut biome, the vagus nerve and the brain, and why we should make healthier food […]

Understanding IBS: The Gut Foundation

It’s the gut condition that is extremely common and yet talked about behind cupped hands – if it is talked about at all. Metropol caught up with The Gut Foundation Trustee, Professor Richard Gearry to find out more about irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).     One of the most misunderstood and poorly acknowledged abdominal problems […]

Know your normal: The Gut Foundation

The gut, whose real name is almost as long as it is (the gastrointestinal tract), starts at the mouth and runs all the way through your body, ending at the anus. This incredibly clever system is responsible for processing everything we eat and allowing essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to be absorbed, providing the fuel […]

The Gut Foundation

Getting to the Guts of the matter! The Gut Foundation

Getting to the Guts of the matter!     New research is particularly important to Canterbury and better tools for diagnosis are urgently required. The Gut Foundation (previously the Bowel and Liver Trust), is aiming to provide support to Teagan Hoskin, a Post Doctoral Fellow at the University of Otago, Christchurch. Teagan has extensive experience […]