Now screening new dedicated aneurysm ultrasound: Veins NZ

At the new offices at 256 Papanui Road, Consultant Specialist Vascular Surgeon Peter Laws and the team at Christchurch Vascular Group (CVG) are now offering a dedicated vascular ultrasound service.   Aneurysm screening is one of the many services available. Metropol asked Peter, “What is an aneurysm?” He says: “Simply put, an aneurysm is a […]

New smart screening technology

Delivering personalised healthcare and precision treatment.     The global coronavirus pandemic has already caused an enormous strain on healthcare resources around the world and it’s leading to a shift in how healthcare is offered. Startup Marvel Health is debuting its global launch in New Zealand. Having successfully operated its mother clinic MedB in Spain […]

Groundbreaking health screening

The year 2020 is already being touted as the year of health and wellness, with our cravings for self-care reaching epic levels.     Many of us are still on the New Year’s resolutions bandwagon, we’re increasingly turning vegan, we’re ramping up our exercise and we’re throwing back the kombucha. And that’s a great thing, […]