Home of culinary cravings: The Good Home Pegasus

The days are getting longer and warmer; a stark reminder that summer is on its way. Therefore, now is the perfect time to book your end-of-year function at The Good Home Pegasus.     Located at 62 Pegasus Main Street, Pegasus, it is literally Pegasus’s home of culinary cravings for you and your nearest and […]

Let the celebrations begin at No.4

Hold on tight, it’s going to be a riot of a ride all the way to Christmas at No.4. One of Christchurch’s most iconic gastropubs, No.4 never fails to deliver a good time.     The calendar is chocka full of excuses for a long lunch, a few quiets or a night out, and bookings […]

Where everyone feels at home: The Brickworks

Local publicans in the classic mould are becoming scarce, but Genaea and Dean Calvert are doing their best to reverse that trend. They are thrilled to have added The Brickworks to Christchurch favourite The Valley Inn, which Dean has owned for 14 years, and Protocol Bar and Restaurant, owned since 2017.     Dean and […]