Swapping vegan for pegan

Move over keto – there’s a new food fad dubbed the ‘pegan’ diet and it’s working its way to the top, promising to promote optimal health through the ultimate combination of benefits from two popular eating regimes – paleo and vegan.     While the two styles may seem like they’re at odds, the main […]

Oxford Women’s Health

A lifetime of good nutrition: Sara Widdowson of Oxford Women’s Health on eating your way to better health

As women’s bodies grow and change, nutritional needs change too. Sara Widdowson, a Nutrition Consultant and Dietitian at Oxford Women’s Health, shares her expert advice on staying healthy at every age and stage of life. What are the top priorities for children and adolescents when it comes to good nutrition? Children and adolescents are still growing […]

Twentyfour Catering, photographer Tegan Clark.

Winter eats: get inspired to eat healthy this winter

Conventional wisdom has it that in lieu of thermals and scarves, the cooler temperatures trigger a biological change that make animals inclined to eat higher quantities of energy-dense food to keep warm. And, although we humans may not put on our own winter coats in this evolutionary sense, fact is cooler temperatures, fewer daylight hours […]

Our Vets

Pet nutrition focus: Ourvets gives us the run down on looking after your pet’s diet

A huge variety of dietary options are available for our four-legged friends. Some great, some not so great – but how does a caring owner really know what is right for their pet? The topic of diet is one discussed often for humans but can be forgotten when it comes to our beloved animals. In […]