Suit Up

Suit Up: Cup Week Fashion

As we look towards the latest looks we can expect to see at this year’s Cup and Show Week, it seems suits are stepping out of the boardroom and onto the green this year.


Suit Up


Women are increasingly stepping out in suits in a variety of fabrics, from linen to tweed and everything in between and not just for Cup and Show Week – we’re seeing the tailored perfection of the suit making an entrance in weddings and other events where occasional-wear is the name of the game. It’s not just structured suits, but pantsuits are also hot property for the most stylish.


Suit Up

Once you’ve made the decision to suit up, the options are endless – jacket length, shoulder width, lapel size, waisted vs boxy, shrunken vs oversize. The good news is there’s no prevailing silhouette the powers to be are suggesting we adhere to – at least not this season. However, crucially, the wrong combination of proportions can result in a fashionable faux pas. So why not suit up, because gowns aren’t the only ladies look on the table and what other item of clothing can make you feel as powerful and in control?


Suit UpSuit Up



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