Successful conferences and events

If you’re planning a conference or special event, then look no further than Christchurch and its satellite suburbs and towns.

Conferences are an excellent means of showcasing an organisation’s professional development, providing employees with networking opportunities, and helping to grow their presence in relevant industries.
Events run the gamut from celebratory family occasions, to company milestones, national trade shows, charity fundraisers, exhibition openings and a whole host more.

Canterbury is full of facilities that can cater for events of all sizes, and many of them feature on these pages. Some are purpose-built, others have evolved, yet all draw visitors – national and international – and locals alike to experience the sights, ambience, and professionalism, of our region.

Many of the organisations and businesses featured on the following pages will help you plan your event, sort the catering, and even help with activities for partners.

Conferences are big business these days, bringing together like-minded people to learn, generate new ideas, network and to refresh motivation.

Visiting a new place is part of the appeal for many attendees (and their partners), and most conferences and seminars include a social aspect. Dinners, sight-seeing trips, and parties are fun, and also help with making friends, and networking.

Such gatherings offer an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective, and to learn about the latest trends in the different academic and business arenas. Issues and in-depth industry knowledge are presented, discussed and disseminated, with sessions led by the best influencers.

Regardless of where a conference is held, guest speakers are usually prestigious national and international speakers. By attending these events, you get to meet these industry influencers and learn from their recommendations first-hand.



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