Style masterclass: The French Tuck

A simple styling trick of tucking in only the front of your shirt and letting the back fall loose, also known as the French tuck.

This technique helps define your waistline while still allowing for the drape effect of a longer, looser top, giving you the best of both worlds. When done right, a French tuck leaves a shirt or sweater loose in the back, balancing the proportions of an outfit.
Although a simple technique, there are a few tricks to making sure your French tuck looks right. It works best with loose-fitting, floaty tops and oversized knits paired with high-waisted denim and skirts. For fitted tops, a full tuck usually works better.

Here are a few tips:

With a T-shirt or jumper – Tuck slightly off-center for an effortless look. Use one hand to tuck your top into your preferred side, and then adjust and loosen the rest of the material with both hands, letting your top drape down at the sides of the tuck.

With a shirt – Try tucking in just one side of the shirt, and letting the other hang out. Tuck in the side of the shirt that has the buttons, leaving the side with the buttonholes untucked.

With a belt – A great way to show off a statement belt if you’re wearing something bulky on top, like an oversized sweater. For belted looks, try the French tuck centered, framing the belt buckle.

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