Stunning homes, surprising affordability: Durasteel

With the affordability of a home an ever-growing concern, custom-made low-cost homes constructed with steel frames offer a revolutionary solution to address the housing crisis.

Think sleek, modern, and versatile residential options engineered to flex and better withstand seismic activity. Leading this drive towards positive housing and all-weather solutions in Canterbury is Durasteel Construction with its premium quality panel homes. “Combining affordability with durability for families and individuals through various sized homes is what fuels our passion for developing aesthetically stunning and hard-wearing homes,” says owner Brent Collins.

“Efficient, sustainable options on less stable building grounds such as flood-prone areas are now possible, with all panel and other materials sourced locally. Included are the added benefit of superior thermal properties that exceed New Zealand code regulations,” adds Brent.
“Simply knowing that an entire dwelling can be moved easily, or cheaply re-levelled, if there is an earthquake or subsidence is uniquely advantageous.”

Whether it’s a small home addition or a spacious four-bedroom home you’re after, you can find the housing solution to best suit you and your extended family’s needs or business requirements.

Choose from the following size dimensions:
• 1 or 2 bedroom pods: 23 – 37sqm
• 1 or 2 bedroom homes: 91 – 111sqm
• 3 or 4 bedroom homes: 151 – 172sqm

Build strength and inherent integrity

Steel frames are renowned for their strength and versatility, making them an ideal choice for constructing homes that can withstand various environmental conditions.
By utilising steel frames, these homes are not only resilient to extreme weather events, they’re also resistant to pests, fire, and corrosion, ensuring long-term structural integrity and safety for occupants. The use of steel frames allows for flexibility in design, while neoprene inserted between panels ensures highly efficient insulation.

One amazing feature is the ability to quickly and seamlessly add on to builds. For instance, a two-bedroom home can come with built-in design to add an addition pod with a link back to the main structure. (See floor plan above).

Whether it’s a cosy studio apartment or a spacious home, the modular builds are cost-effective, and quick to construct, reducing both construction time and labour costs. The resulting energy efficiency benefits also reduce utility costs in the long run. Combined, these efficiencies make them an attractive option for addressing urgent housing needs in communities facing housing shortages or natural disasters too.

With its strength, Durasteel is paving the way for a brighter future in housing innovation and accessibility, plus you get to enjoy your dream design home, from plans to exquisite finish.

For your perfect new home, contact the talented team today.

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