Shower in style

Summer fun and life in the backyard pool, or at the beach, doesn’t have to result in a trail of wet footprints tracked through the house or bach.

Setting up an outdoor shower may be as simple or as stylishly integrated as you choose. From a rainfall shower head mounted in a private location, to a more elaborate garden shower room, options are endless.

The best time to factor an outdoor shower into a home or bach is at the build stage, when it can be hooked up to existing plumbing.

Alternatively there are plenty of ways to create an amazing looking add-on. Finding a spot that provides privacy but is also connected to both indoor and outdoor spaces is important. It may be a corner of the garden, under a pergola, or on the back of a garage wall.

Top tips
– Add nature by decorating with plants or setting up a living plant wall.
– Ensure privacy with wood fencing or a stone wall.
– A handheld outdoor showerhead will make it easy to bathe pets and children.
– Go luxe with an outdoor bath and shower.
– Opt for a rustic vibe with a wood pergola, and brick pavers.


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