Settle for awhile: Settlers Boutique Motel

The country is opening up again to international tourists and Hanmer Springs is a drawcard for visitors and locals alike.

The thermal resort town is a gem in the tourism crown and launched its inaugural Alpine Winter Festival in 2021. The event is on again this year, from 1-31 July.
Local moteliers Sue and Brett Senior, of the Settlers Boutique Motel, describe the event as “spectacular”.

“It’s one-of-a-kind,” says Sue. “It’s great fun and really shouldn’t be missed, and what better way to enjoy it than tying it in with a stay at Settlers!”

Brett’s aviation career was grounded with the advent of Covid-19 and the couple decided on Hanmer to realise their business dream.

The seasoned travelers had lived in the Middle East for most of their married lives and say that some of the most memorable places they stayed were small and boutique in style.

“We loved the individuality and uniqueness of this type of accommodation’’ says Brett. “We don’t want to just give a room key to our guests, we want to welcome them.”

For that warm welcome, book direct with Sue and Brett at the Settlers Boutique Motel. Call 03 315 7343 or 0800 587 873.

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