Seamless Technology: Soundline Audio

Televisions moonlighting as digital art when turned off, an abundance of cord management options, and the latest wireless technology all help interior decorators maintain sleek, minimal home aesthetics.

Gone are the days when displaying your quality technology was the craze. Today the best technology fits seamlessly into your life, or better yet invisibly.

Invisible speakers (above) are one solution to obnoxious black boxes lurking in the corners of curated spaces. Installed into walls throughout a home, the speakers are painted over to ensure they are completely concealed. The speakers are then able to be controlled by keypads, or a smart device.

In Christchurch, Soundline Audio is the solution to your needs, specialising in completely customised audio and visual. The company’s award-winning team takes the time to listen and to find the ideal fix to all your tech needs. Additionally, its innovative audio showrooms and theatres allow you to experience first-hand any of their high-class audio options before you purchase.

“There is no excuse to put up with the terrible sound of a boom box, when with our 40 years of experience and modern products we can offer you a superior sound system that either complements your interior design or completely disappears from view,” says Terry Wyatt, who runs and co-owns Soundline Audio.

“Our showroom features working examples of some of the bespoke solutions we provide. Our installation service provides the expert knowledge to get the best performance.”

Technology is always evolving, and Soundline Audio can help you expand or upgrade your sound system to ensure you always have the best possible audio.

Stop by their impressive showroom on 329 Madras Street or visit the website.

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