Scenic and sustainable: SiloStay

Banks Peninsula is a pretty special spot – from Akaroa’s rich history to beautiful bays, endless volcanic hills, and plenty of bush to explore.

If you’re heading there from Christchurch, you’ll want to stop at quaint Little River, which is 30 minutes out of Akaroa. The town has plenty and is an artistic and cultural hub – it’s the perfect base to target the whole peninsula and is home to a great pub, cafe, and restaurant to boot.
Little River has many walking trails nearby and is at the end of the Rail Trail, which runs through to Christchurch alongside two scenic lakes. It also boasts one of the quirkiest accommodation locations in New Zealand – SiloStay.
It’s a well-placed, unique, and sustainable place to stay.
SiloStay is made from converted grain silos, each of which is an individual unit that features a host of eclectic features, including the SiloStarlight as you doze off.
Surrounded by tranquility in a very peaceful part of Canterbury, it’s the perfect spot to unwind, clear your mind, and do some personal introspection. Repurpose, recycle, retreat, relax. Don’t just look, book.

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