Sandwich styling

The latest trend to hit the fashion world, one that promises to make getting dressed that much easier, is the ‘sandwich’ method.

It is the act of using colour or texture to invent a seamless outfit. Matching your shoes to your top, or your pants to your headband or sunglasses. In doing so, you’ll have a polished base to layer with a coat or blazer when needed, and the appropriate jewellery depending on the warm or cool-toned garments of your look.

Think of it as a sandwich. The bread does the hard work holding everything together, while the filling is the star of the show. A crisp black shirt and a pair of clean black sandals are common items in most wardrobes. Fill the outfit out with a statement piece in the middle, like a fun pair of shorts, while the matching shades on your top and toes bring the balance. Or make colour your statement, like a bold red top and shoes with a clean pant sandwiched in between.

Consider other ways to apply the method through your dressing with accessories. Headbands, sunglasses, or bags can be the second point of colour to balance out the look.
The beauty of it is its ease. Start with one classic garment, and let the method do the rest.

Jolie black shirt Find Me: Juliette Hogan
Ray fuchsia stripe short Find Me: Kowtow.
Kelpie slide Find Me: Deadly Ponies.
Ercolini red top Find Me: RUBY.
Cream tailored pant Find Me: Camilla and Marc.
Siena red ballet flat Find Me: Scarpa.

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