Rugged up

Rugs can be a game changer in creating a look and feel in any room. They can harmonise with other design elements or make a statement. Here are some of the basics when working with rugs:

Connect spaces: Use similar or same colour rugs to unify and create a visual connection between two rooms. VISUAL PATHWAY: Use a runner in the hallway to liven up the area and to draw the eye to connecting rooms.

Sound absorption: Rugs are the perfect solution to sound absorption especially if you have hardwood/tiled floors in your homes. They’re also ideal for flats/apartments.

Create a feature: Angling and layering a duplicate rug on top of another makes a feature especially in a large, open plan space.

Add character: Use a rug to check out patterns, and add personality.

Hang as art: Rugs have become works of art in their own right, so consider hanging one on your wall, to add a decorative element, and act as a sound dampener.

Create zones: Use rugs to reinforce areas within large spaces. Zone off spaces and anchor your furniture at the same time.

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