Rock candy

Engagement, wedding, cocktail rings come in some amazing designs, ranging from traditional solitaire settings all the way to modern interpretations, such as using black diamonds, or bezel-set bands.

From dazzling diamonds to colourful semi-precious stones, the looks are endless. Here are some of the ring trends for 2023:

Coloured stones – central coloured gemstones have soared in popularity during recent years. Think sapphire, emerald, ruby, tanzanite, morganite, or coloured diamonds – pink, canary yellow – as the hero stone
or as accents.

Chunky bands – dainty rings have been the choice of many for some time now, however bold bands are growing in popularity.

Vintage-inspired – can mean the type of setting, such as Art Deco, or the cut, such as old European.
Many heirloom stones are being creatively used in modern designs, mixing the old with the new.
Look out for old ‘mine cut’ and antique ‘cushion cut’ diamonds.

Non-traditional – such as black enamel, teak,
and tungsten carbide if you want to make a dramatic statement.

Step-cut diamonds – a square or rectangle stone with parallel facets on all four sides, resembling steps. These have clean, architectural lines, ideal if you want style without too much bling.

Oval and pear shapes – continue to trend, along with class round cuts. Pear and oval shapes elongate the finger and look spectacular on any hand.


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