Rejuvenate with Kiwi supplements: Kiwi Health

Winter may be over, although the toll the cold takes on your skin and overall health may linger for a wee while to come.


Take care of yourself, recover from the season, and get ready for the warmer months by nourishing your body with vitamins and supplements.

Supplements to consider include collagen, which supports glowing skin, nail, hair, bone and tendon health, and vitamin C to boost your immune system. You should also consider a daily multivitamin – these help to release energy from the foods you eat, and provide antioxidants to protect your cells from damage.

Karl Peterson is owner of Kiwi Health 2020, providers of some of New Zealand’s best supplements. He says that one of their most popular products is their keto powder. “It promotes the body to enter ketosis, which may help to increase the breakdown of fat,” Karl says. “Keto powder is also used to help improve mental clarity, digestion, and energy.”

He also notes his gratitude for supporters of the business saying, “We’re happy with the many customers we’ve had in the greater-Canterbury region since the company was established in 2017.”

To browse their supplements, and for more information, you can head to their website. For the month of September they will be offering buy two, get one free.

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