Regenerate your Body: Cryotherapeutics

The latest wellness trend popularised on social media by celebrities and professional athletes, is now available in Christchurch, with the opening of New Zealand’s first Cryotherapy Centre.




For years, Anita Leney was a competitive gymnast and judge, before a back injury changed everything. After multiple scans and tests she was prescribed medication, yet still found no relief from the excruciating pain.

Eventually diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome, she discovered cryotherapy, a treatment for pain and inflammation invented in 1978 by Japanese doctor, Toshima Yamauchi. Now, it’s being used for everything from sports injuries to beauty therapies. In cryotherapy, the body is exposed to temperatures between -120°C and -160°C with liquid nitrogen vapour for 30 seconds to three minutes. Over a period of six treatments, Anita began to notice changes and the pain reduced.

“Before, I was unable to do many everyday things that people take for granted, like go to the park with my kids,” she explains.
“Now, I’m functioning as a normal, productive member of society. I would be the first to admit it probably all wasn’t just because of cryotherapy, but it definitely helped alongside the other tools and practices I’d adopted.”

Anita has now become the Cryotherapeutics New Zealand Director based right here in Christchurch, setting up New Zealand’s first Cryotherapy Centre, using a state of the art pod, designed and manufactured in Finland by cryotherapy industry leader, Cryotech Nordic Limited. On a recent episode, she even introduced Seven Sharp’s Hilary Barry to the benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy!


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