Reasons for optimism: ChristchurchNZ CEO Alison Adams

It can be tempting to get pessimistic in the winter months when ‘cost of living’ and ‘brain drain’ talk is once more in the news cycle.

But I’m an optimist, and that is boosted by data that shows Christchurch is avoiding, and in some cases defying, some of the less inspiring headlines we’ve seen recently.

If there’s one thing that sums up the feeling in Christchurch now, it’s growth. We’ve recently come off a record summer season of international visitors and spend, the accommodation sector is growing, and our rejuvenated central city is getting its mojo back, with major projects like the Court Theatre and Te Kaha just around the corner.

In addition, our universities and Ara are all reporting increased enrolments and the census showed what we already knew–Ōtautahi Christchurch is firmly New Zealand’s second city, no longer just a gateway to the south but a destination in itself.

Alison Adams, CEO ChristchurchNZ

With events like DocEdge showcasing a growing sophistication in the city, I also see an increased confidence in ourselves. You just need to look at the way street art has reshaped the cityscape, and the number of hip eateries that have popped up, to see that Christchurch is no longer a city that bows to tradition; we forge exciting new futures.

Is it any wonder the Quality of Life institute has named us New Zealand’s happiest city, and one of the happiest in the world? Like any city, we have our challenges, but let’s keep navigating those challenges with resilience, innovation and optimism.

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