Pulling the curtain

Curtains are a great way to decorate your space, as well as increase warmth and privacy. If you are looking to purchase new curtains, here are a few tips and tricks.

Look and feel
The curtains you choose will change the mood of the room that they go in. Ask yourself a few questions to figure out what you are wanting. A luxurious, romantic feel? Curtains that puddle on the ground may be the right look for you. A cleaner look? Then opt for curtains that graze the floor.

Room to room
There’s no need to match all of the curtains in your house. For example, in the bedroom, you may opt for blackout lining for better sleep, whereas in living rooms, this probably isn’t necessary. Even if your curtains don’t all match, there are still ways to ensure that your home looks cohesive by using similar materials, patterns, or colors.

All about height
A great trick is to hang curtains as high as possible to draw the eye upward. Position them at least one-half to two-thirds of the distance between the top of the window frame and the ceiling. This will create the illusion of a higher ceiling and an overall bigger room.

Lining always
If you are getting custom curtains made, try and get them lined. The sun can fade and damage curtains over time so it’s worth protecting your investment by adding a fabric liner. You can also add extra warmth with thermal lining and even additional soundproofing if you live in a noisy area.

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