Proudly Christchurch made: ILS

In this era of mass-produced imports flooding the country, to have access to anything locally made is both special and unique.

Take optical lenses for instance. There remains only one New Zealand manufacturer of these products, and that manufacturer is here in Christchurch.

ILS (Independent Lens Specialists) was founded in 2006 by Glenn Bolton and John Clemence. The business proudly bears the banner for New Zealand made. Despite operating in an industry dominated by imported products and chain stores, it remains the most in-demand supplier to independent optometrists.

A major point of difference is providing the fastest turnaround in the market, with the lab able to produce a complete set of glasses, including non-reflective coating, in as little time as four hours. With imported lenses requiring a two to four-week wait, this business excels in customer service.

ILS constantly invests in cutting-edge optical technologies and machinery, evidenced by its most recent purchase of a new non-reflective coating machine. “Producing the clearest non-reflective coating on the market, this coating has many wearer benefits, including enhanced night driving safety and superior cleaning over the life of the glasses. This innovating coating will be launched in the coming months,” Glenn says.

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