Promoting healthy competition

Gaming is one of the top interests of young children. Naturally, planning a family day out that entices your children more than their favourite game can be difficult.

With some friendly and motivating competition, an exciting line-up, and a delicious reward to top it off, that task may prove easier. Many local and family-friendly experiences foster healthy competition, and it would be a waste to not make use of them this school holidays.

Activities that stimulate the brain and a points system suitable for those personalities in your family are all you need. Whether an afternoon or a whole weekend, you can choose as many activities as you can comfortably fit in.

Mix and match paid experiences with free fun, such as mini golf or giant chess, or a sprint race at the local park. If the weather creates a challenge, adapt your games or activity ideas and bring them inside, employing the use of board games or technology.

When done well, competition is a healthy learning tool for young children, as it develops work ethic, new skills, goal-setting, and problem-solving. Plus, it can act as a catalyst for growth around losing gracefully, being a team player, and understanding sportsmanship, while encouraging growth, teamwork, and cooperation.


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