Pounamu: The Greenstone Shop

Pounamu has long been held as a Taonga or natural treasure.

It’s easy to see why this beautiful stone called pounamu has captured the hearts of New Zealanders and visitors alike. The unique range of colours, and smooth, comforting feel of the stone makes Greenstone highly prized. Now, pounamu is revered worldwide.

Based in Ferrymead, Christchurch, The Greenstone Shop’s carving studio has been in operation for over 35 years, open more so to the public over the last four years, producing a wide range of stunning traditional Pounamu carvings, jewellery, and sculptures.

With so many places targeting the tourist market, Greenstone Shop focuses more on the local people, creating a warm and inviting space to visit for those special gifts. The team at Greenstone Shop says, “Pounamu goes beyond words, its a real gift from the heart.”
With registered Ngai Tahu artisan carvers on site, Greenstone Shop offers both rebinding services for the cord work on pendants and repairs for those chips that happen from time to time.

For those who aren’t based in Canterbury, Greenstone Shop has a wonderful website to find your perfect piece.


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