Pimp your bach

Some of our best memories are made at our baches and holiday homes. Together with close friends and family, these spaces bring out the happiest, and least work-crazed, versions of us.

So, make it something to be proud of. There are plenty of luxury additions to consider if you want to level up your holiday home, although they are not exclusive to the bach. The outdoor areas of our everyday homes need extra love too, especially when it’s summer. You’ll find your space providing more fun, getting more use, and increasing in value when you add functional extensions.

Pergolas and umbrellas provide a functional purpose, and come with sophistication and style. Reduce the heat from the harsh sun, and place an umbrella or pergola, in the spot most used in your bach. Whether at the pool, the outdoor bar, or on the deck, sunshade is a gift your family will thank you for. Coming in a range of sizes, styles, and colours, there are plentiful options to make your choice fit the feel of your bach.

Floor to ceiling windows are an understated touch of sophistication. The window ‘wow’ factor is a thing, and the modern vibe they give is a classy addition that requires little thought. A large window expands a space, lets in more natural sunlight, and brings a calming flow in between rooms. If your bach is situated looking out over a beach, or any scenery, floor to ceiling windows are the best way to take that beauty in. Add in accents for a pop of personality, or keep it simple with single glass sheets.

Pools and spas are perhaps the most popular extension to any holiday home. Aside from the health benefits, fun factor, and convenience, a swimming or spa pool increases the value and attraction of any home. Plus, a personal pool and spa is an intimate space, offering more privacy to bathe and lounge in peace and comfort. Consider adding a towel storage cupboard to really impress your guests.

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