Pies above and beyond: Japanz Bakery

Nothing beats the moment you bite into a perfectly crafted pie.

This humble yet versatile food is suitable to eat any time of the day (breakfast pie anyone?), and the best ones have crispy, golden pastry that’s stuffed with a delicious filling – pure bliss.

It’s important to remember though, not all pies are created equal. Some are soggy, or not very filled. The best pies are always those made from scratch, at a bakery or pie-makers, and then sold fresh and direct to you. Enter Japanz Bakery – these guys make unreal pies from their factory at the back of their shop on Colombo Street, and bring them fresh to you daily.

They do the classics – steak, steak and cheese, mince, mince and cheese – and mix it up with a vegetarian, and a chicken pie, too. Their top-secret pie sheet recipe includes 100 percent New Zealand butter to give it a rich taste. Their filling is made using top-quality ingredients and they’ve nailed the art of the perfect inner texture.

At the bakery you can, of course, grab a hot pie, but these are in demand so you’ll have to get in early. Otherwise, they also sell frozen pies to prepare at home or work. That way there’s no chance you’ll miss out.

Japanz Bakery

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