People matter most: Delray Group

It’s hard to find people who genuinely care. Having a good Financial Advisor who cares can be a great support through the good and bad times that life brings to us all.

Tim Lethlean, Financial Advisor of Delray Group encourages everyone “to review your insurance as your financial and family circumstances change.

“At different times, your cover may need to be adjusted up or down. Medical cover, especially, needs reviewing as cover sustainability and medical treatments can also change,” he says.

Delray Group is “where people matter most”.

“We give good advice to help you understand your insurance risks and possibilities. We build meaningful, long-term relationships by keeping things simple, acting with integrity, and giving you personalised insurance advice,” says Tim. “Our mission is to give you peace of mind through insurance, enabling you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

“We work with people with families, and businesses and specialise to help you to protect what is important to you when you are unable to. “If you have existing insurance, please don’t let this stop you from contacting us as we are more than happy to help.”

Disclosure statement is available on request. Call on 03 344 5966 or visit the website.

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