Paving the Future: Dragon Stone Paving

The team at Dragon Stone Paving has completed prestigious projects all over North Canterbury, including the paving along the Avon River Precinct. Owner Lee Squires gave Metropol 10 good reasons to consider paving:

  1. Paving looks amazing and you can make patterns with colour and texture.
  2. It is more durable – paving slabs are rated 4x stronger than concrete.
  3. Pavers adapt to underlying earth movement.
  4. Pavers are cost effective over time. It is cheaper to replace a cracked paver than re-concrete a whole area.
  5. The colour doesn’t fade as quickly as concrete colour.
  6. They can be installed in any climate.
  7. You can walk and drive on pavers sooner.
  8. They can be non-skid and non-slip, resulting in a lower chance of tyre marks and falls.
  9. Their desirability adds value and curb appeal and if properly maintained, will last up to 30 years.
  10. They are incredibly versatile with uses all over commercial and residential settings.

“We are a friendly, approachable, reliable team ready to discuss any paving project from design through to completion. We are experts at laying on both sand and cement – based products,” says Lee.

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