Pairing pink

With the resurgence of Barbie’s popularity, pink décor has made a comeback.

Knowing which colours complement pink can help create a cohesive look. Muted pink can function as a neutral in a vibrant room and pairs well with blues, greens (hello award-winning gin gin interior design), and browns. Grey also complements pink nicely.

White is another colour that works beautifully with pink. The crispness of white creates a fresh and clean aesthetic, allowing the softness of the pink hues to shine. This combination is often used in minimalist or Scandinavian-inspired designs, where white serves as a backdrop for pink accents to stand out.

For a vibrant and energetic feel, pink can be paired with orange or yellow. These warm and cheerful colours create a lively and playful atmosphere, making them ideal for children’s rooms or eclectic and bohemian-themed interiors.

To achieve a sophisticated and elegant look, pink can be paired with black or deep purple. The contrast between the rich, dark colours and the softness of pink adds a touch of drama.

Ultimately, the choice of colours to complement pink depends on the desired mood and style of the space. Whether opting for bold and contrasting combinations or subtle and harmonious palettes, there are numerous options to explore when incorporating pink into your décor.

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