One-of-a-kind charm bracelet: Sophie Divett Jewellery

Charm bracelets are a timeless style of jewellery that goes back to ancient times when people would wear talismans and symbols as a means of protection and good luck.

Sophie Divett Jewellery is excited to introduce its new charm and charm bracelet collection. “Creating our own collection of charms has been something we’ve wanted to do for a long time. We love the classic, vintage appeal of charm bracelets and the symbolism that they carry,” says Sophie Divett. All of Sophie’s jewellery designs take inspiration from classical artefacts and Greek myths and legends, so it’s easy to see how charm bracelets would fit seamlessly into their range.

Charms also make gift-giving very easy. If someone you love has an SDJ charm bracelet, you will always know what to get them for a special occasion.

To build your own charm bracelet, you first pick your chain from the collection of three solid silver chain styles. Then choose your charm(s) from the collection of handmade silver designs featuring some of the most beloved SDJ signature styles. The initial range of charms has over fifteen designs, including leaves, seed pods, organic shapes, hearts, and rainbows. There’s a lucky charm here for everyone. Sophie Divett even offers complimentary soldering of charms onto your bracelet.

Sophie says she is brimming with ideas for future charm collections, and the team are excited for this to be a collection that will continue to grow and expand upon inspiration from nature, Aotearoa’s beautiful landscapes, and the classical world.

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